Our clients about us

We want to express our gratitude to Credit Center and more precisely to one of your employees – Nadya Shtereva. My husband and I met Nadya in connection with the purchase of an apartment with a mortgage loan. She provided us with extensive information about different banks and we received full assistance with the loan we chose at Unicredit Bulbank. She provided us with assistance both with the valuation of the property and with a selected notary, as well as with all the details relative to our loan. Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer professionals like Nadya. I’m glad we came across her and we will be happy to recommend her to our colleagues and friends who need a loan.
Thank you, Nadya!

Iliyana and Pavlin Zhekov

We thank Emilia Krashkova for the assistance provided for financing and for making the purchase possible! We are newlyweds and we are more than satisfied.
Keep making more and more people happy and all the best from us!
Zlati, Plovdiv

We thank Neli Ivanova from the bottom of our hearts for the dedication, professional attitude, speed and flexibility with which she handled every case we had. She always protected our interests and helped us with professional advice.
We will certainly recommend her to anyone who needs a credit consultant.
Todor Todorov, Varna

Bozhidar Metodiev is truly a Gift from God! I am extremely impressed with his professionalism and his attitude towards the client. At any moment, he was at our disposal to clarify any questions and resolve any issues. Thanks to him, everything went extremely smoothly without any unnecessary effort on our part. We will be happy to work with him in the future!
Elena and Todor Kubadisnki, Sofia

I sincerely thank Sirma Chukarova from Credit Center for her assistance in taking out a mortgage loan for the purchase of my first home.
Sirma went through all the researching and negotiating the best loan terms. Not only that, but she also saved me the going around bank offices. The process was completely monitored by her and at every moment I relied on feedback, information and competent advice.
Our communication was held mostly online after the first meeting, which proved extremely valuable during the Covid-19 emergency, and saves a lot of time.

It is a pleasure to recommend Sirma to my relatives and friends who are about to take out a loan.
Her professionalism, personal attitude and competence give a very high value to Credit Center she works for.

In conclusion, I would say that anyone who has worked with Sirma knows that he made the best choice.

Ivelina Stancheva, Varna

Blessed be and happy, I wish joy and love to all the people you love ❤️😘Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done ❤️

Gabriela Petrova to Radostina Durgova, Sofia

Thank you for the help and assistance provided by Credit Center and especially credit consultant Neli Ivanova, who with great insistence and effort contributed to the fulfilment of one of our dreams, namely to buy our own home with much respect and thanks from the Todorov family
Ventsislav Todorov, Varna

I would like to express my gratitude to Bozhidar Metodiev. Thanks to him, we were able to acquire the property we so desired. Bozhidar did everything possible to walk together and successfully reach the end of this path. He did much more than just be our credit consultant.
Sevdar Arabadzhiev, Sofia

I would like to express my gratitude to Petya Dikova!
Thank you for your professionalism, help and competence! I received extremely professional and friendly treatment, numerous phone calls and lots of advice that was helpful to me. I never thought that I would get the mortgage loan so soon, even though I was pressed by deadlines, but she did it! Wonderful attitude from the people at the bank thanks to her!
Thanks again for the great work! I know that I will always be able to count on Petya!
Tsveti Savova, Sofia

Hello, we are a married couple that decided to buy their own home with a bank loan. At “Address”, the Real Estate Agency, the agent with whom we looked at the properties, Vlado Kapustin, introduced us to the credit consultant Nadiya Shtereva. At first, we were a little skeptical about the service offered, but later we decided to fully trust, because Ms. Shtereva’s suggestions were quite convenient and with a general easing of our credit margin. We had several old loans, which at her suggestion were combined into one, which automatically dramatically reduced the burden of paying several installments to different banks. This loan was quickly and relatively easy.

However, there were several obstacles regarding the mortgage, which were subsequently resolved successfully for us with the joint efforts and interventions of Nadiya Shtereva and the director of the Unicredit Varna branch – Maria Kostova. So, in the end, we managed to purchase a wonderful and attractive property at a good price in Golden Sands.
We sincerely thank the whole team involved in both finding the property and securing the bank loans and I would highly recommend them to anyone who hesitates and thinks they could do better on their own. Once again, personal gratitute to Nadya Shtereva and may she continue likewise, we wish her luck and success.

Sincerely, Genady Voykov and Stella Dimitrova :), Varna

Bozhidar Metodiev helped me a lot in the selection and the entire process of obtaining a home loan. It was necessary to act quickly, there were complicated situations – he helped me more than necessary. I am impressed with his professionalism. I highly recommend him to everyone!
Emil Evtimov, Sofia

With the help of Neli Ivanova we have fulfilled our dream of owning a home!
Iskra Petrova, Varna

Hello! I am Silviya Ivanova, an acquaintance of Iliya Panayotov from Address RE, he helped me in the purchase of an apartment. Just wanted to write Thank you! Thank you very much for your help and assistance in getting it.
I hope to have the opportunity again sometime, hopefully in the near future, to use your services – I will be glad, until then, success and happiness to you and your loved ones!
Silvia Ivanova to Petya Dikova, Sofia

I am extremely grateful for the patience and effort, for the professionalism and friendly attitude of Neli Ivanova from CreditCenter! Thank you for doing what you’ve promised for a dream to own a home to come true!
Velina Petrova, Varna

A mortgage loan resulted necessary when buying a residential property. For this purpose, we met and were consulted by Nadya Shtereva -financial consultant Credit Center. Within two days, we were provided with offers from various banks with specified exact parameters and conditions for the requested loan. This shortened our time to choose the best deal for us. Until the terms of the loan were agreed and the mortgage contract was signed, Nadya Shtereva was in constant contact with us, informing us with professional accuracy.
Thank you, Nadya!
Zhivka and Daniel Nikolov, Varna

Bozhidar Metodiev is an exceptional professional, always proactive and available. He goes to great lengths for his clients. I am extremely satisfied with my cooperation with him and recommend him to anyone who needs professional assistance.
Rayna Ilieva, Sofia

I am extremely satisfied with Neli Ivanova’s assistance. We received professional treatment and attention throughout the loan process.
Rositsa Todorova, Varna

We were looking for an apartment for a long time, and when we found it, we needed consumer and mortgage loan. For this purpose, we turned to the financial consultant Nadya Shtereva. Within a few days, she was able to present us with the best possible offers from the banks that we had indicated earlier. In accordance with our requirements, the offers had well described conditions and Mrs. Shtereva also made sure that every last detail was explained to us. We were able to choose the right loans, thanks to her great professionalism. She was always available to answer our questions and respond when needed. If we ever need it, we will use her services again and recommend her to friends and acquaintances.

Thank you, Nadya, for your patience, professionalism and a job well done.

Kamen Ivanov and Angelina Angelova, Varna

I highly recommend working with Credit Center. They saved me the time to research a suitable loan deal and I got a very favorable interest rate! True professionals!
Nora Semova, Varna

I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by Credit Center and especially by Elena Mihaylova. The issue I went to her with was quite complicated, but she was able to accommodate our complex requirements, organize and turn everything into an exciting experience the purchase of your own home.
For this reason, I recommended Credit Center to friends, who were also satisfied! At Credit Center, you can count on quality service, correctness and services with professional attention to detail.
Anita Valcheva

Hello, I want to share my personal impressions and express my gratitude to “Credit Center” and personally to consultant Stiliyana Ivanovska. I am delighted with the personal attitude and professionalism, with the understanding and assistance to achieve the ultimate goal, namely better conditions for a mortgage loan when buying the desired residential properrty. I recommend the services of the largest credit consultant in Bulgaria – “Credit Center”! They work quickly, correctly and with quality.
Yavor Mladenov

Zlatka Tomeva helped me not just to find my home, but also to finance the transaction, through a mortgage loan under extremely advantageous conditions. After Zlatka succeeded in taking several deal from banks, I consulted my personal lawyer, who helped me with the transaction. His words were – your loan is on the same terms as mine, and I work in the field. The interest rate is unusually low and the conditions are superb.
I highly recommend the services of Zlatka Tomeva, both as a agent and as a credit consultant in CreditCenter.
Yordan Atanasov

My name is Stanislav Dilkovski and I hereby want to express my enormous gratitude to the Credit Center’s team and especially to Yordan Yordanov.
In the winter of 2020, our search for a home and, accordingly, opportunities to use a mortgage loan for its purchase, began.

Mr. Yordanov provided us with very valuable advice related to the sequence of steps, stages and procedures, provided us with detailed information on the possibilities and parameters of the future mortgage loan. We jointly discussed the property choice and initiated a procedure for preparing documents and acquiring offers from various banking institutions. During the entire process, Jordan was the main driver and helped a lot in the accurate and appropriate selection of a bank, the valuation and closing of the deal as quickly as possible. All this in less than 2 months. We were impressed by the attitude, demandingness and professionalism demonstrated by Mr. Yordanov.

In conclusion, I will say that I highly recommend Yordan Yordanov as a credit consultant and Credit Center overall for their work.
Thanks again for the great job.

Stanislav Dilovski

We thank Tanya Tsvetkova for her assistance in financing the purchase of our dream home. Professionalism and competence combined with short deadlines facilitated the process of taking out a mortgage loan.
We would always recommend the services of a credit consultant. This will guarantee you excellent quality of the services offered.
E. Velchevska and Y. Hristov

I want to express my gratitude to Tanya Tsvetkova for her professionalism and loyalty.
I explained her my credit needs, and she took the initiative to provide us with the best offers that fit my profile. The whole process of preparing documents and communicating with the bank was easy. Tanya earned my trust.
An exceptional professional and very easy and pleasant to work with. The achieved results of our joint venture, for which we sincerely thank, in our opinion, deserve the trust of all future customers.
S. Dimitrova

We would like to express our heartfelt thankfulness for the attention and help of Tanya Tsvetkova. We have always imagined that taking out a mortgage loan is an extremely difficult process. With Tanya’s assistance, everything happened within a few hours, with excellent communication throughout and always available for questions from our side. In addition to the whole administrative help and time saved, we are also extremely satisfied with the agreed terms of the loan.
We sincerely recommend the services of Credit Center and specifically the services of Tanya Tsvetkova.
The Georgiev Family

We express our endless gratitude to Credit Center and in particular to our consultant – Stiliyana Ivanovska! We received the best possible treatment and deal and without it the purchase of our dream home would not have been possible. Correct, loyal and dedicated to their job, that’s why we recommend them and wish them even more satisfied future customers!
Georgi and Alex