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Do you need funds to buy a home?

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CreditCenter’s experts have many years of diverse experience in consulting on taking and the use of mortgage loans. With our professional help, you will make the best decision thanks to the comparative offers of the most attractive options on the market. We will guide you smoothly through the processes of preparation and taking out of the funds. We guarantee that as our customers you will receive preferential conditions from the largest banks in Bulgaria.

What solutions there are for mortgage loans?

Mortgage loans for a specific purpose:

Mortgage loans without a specific purpose:

Mortgage loans without a specific purpose – funds are provided on the basis of a real estate mortgage without specifying their destination


for the purchase of an existing property or a property under-construction

Construction loan

for a single-family house on a plot owned by the client

Loan for repairs and finishing works

Loan to refinance another mortgage loan

Stages in applying for and receiving a mortgage loan

Taking out a mortgage is a big decision, but our services will make your choice easier. Our team will explain each and every step in detail, we will prepare the entire documentation and guide you through the process smoothly. Here’s how it happens and how we can help you:

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We will discuss your budget and specific details in order to give you an estimate of the maximum amount of funds you can apply for. This will ensure that you are looking for a property in the right price range.

We will inform you about all the necessary documentation in the process.

After finding the right property for you, we will choose a bank that will offer you the optimal terms, we will manage the procedures to apply and the mortgage loan approval process.

The next step after choosing a suitable bank is submitting an application for pre-approval of the mortgage loan.

We will assist you in preparing a market evaluation of the chosen property and submitting the documents to the bank.

Next a legal evaluation shall be made and the procedure is set in motion for the final approval of the loan

The loan agreement is signed after the final approval, and the next step is signing the transaction before Notary.

The transaction shall be registered and the mortgage certified by providing the new certificate of encumbrances for the property, in which the mortgage and the sale are registered. And then the bank releases the funds to your account.

Do you want more details on the process?

Our recommendation to you is to meet with one of our credit consultants before you start looking for a property. He will guide you on how to narrow your search parameters and what price range is suitable for you. This way you will save valuable time to find your dream property quickly and without any issues.
You have found your property? It’s time to meet again. Here are the details we will work on:

  • We will summarize the overall information gathered at our initial meeting.
  • We will focus on the fine details related to the bank’s policies of the bank preferred to ensure a smooth process going forward. What do you earn as a customer of CreditCenter? We maintain good relations with the reputable banks in the country and speak directly to their officials to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises and the process goes smoothly.
  • Standard practice for credit consultants is to be with you until you receive a mortgage loan offer. Our team works in a different way, that’s why we keep in touch with our customers, the bank employees who process your loan, as well as with your agent until the loan disbursement process is complete.

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What criteria do I have to meet?

To buy a home with an approved mortgage loan, you need to:

  1. Have a permanent employment contract or other regular guaranteed income;
  2. Your income shall be sufficient to pay the monthly loan installments;
  3. In the presence of other existing loans, liabilities or leases, the payments on the new loan and on them all shall be proportionate to your income;
  4. You shall have good credit record in the last five years and not have missed payment on an an existing loan (or purely CKR);
  5. You will need to have enough liquid funds to provide a down payment at the purchase of the property, funds for the mortgage subscription and the transaction costs.
    Our calculators will help you navigate the different options, taking into account your needs and income.

Our free credit consultation is the optimal and safe option for precisely determining the possibilities of obtaining a mortgage loan.

Our services are 100% free! From the first click on our site to receiving the keys to your new home, you don’t owe CreditCenter a penny!