Personal insurance

Credit Center is a licensed insurance agent since August 22, 2007. We work with the leading insurance companies in Bulgaria and will provide you with the three most advantageous offers for your insurance policy. After choosing an insurer, we will issue the policy and send it to an address you specify. All the work related to your insurance can be done remotely, without having to see each other or visit our office. One month before your insurance with us expires, we will notify you and prepare the best offers for renewal. All our services in taking out your insurance and sending it to you is completely free – you only pay the amount of the insurance itself stated on the policy.

Types of Personal Insurance Products

Medical insurance

Medical insurance, also known as “Travel Assistance” or “Assistance”, provide the necessary financial means and information to obtain timely and specialized medical assistance during your stay abroad.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance – The main risks that are covered are “temporary loss of working capacity”, “permanent loss of working capacity as a result of an accident”, “expenses for the purchase of medical supplies and medicines prescribed by a certified medical doctor”, “death as a result of an accident”.

Life insurance

Life insurance is an investment that provides stability for you and your loved ones at times when you cannot provide it yourself. These are savings that will get your life in order after reaching a certain age.

What are the advantages of life insurance?

  • a convenient and reliable form of saving through small monthly installments in the selected currency
  • ensures financial stability for you and your family in case of unforeseen circumstances
  • enables you to use tax benefits

What types of life insurance are available?

  • risky
  • mixed – in addition to being risky, it also has savings characteristics

+    life insurance linked to an investment fund – a modern insurance product that combines traditional insurance protection with the possibility of higher returns through capital market investments.

Which insurers do we work with?

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