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Credit Center is a licensed insurance agent since August 22, 2007. We work with the leading insurance companies in Bulgaria and will provide you with the three most advantageous offers for your insurance policy. After choosing an insurer, we will issue the policy and send it to an address you specify. All the work related to your insurance can be done remotely, without having to see each other or visit our office. One month before your insurance with us expires, we will notify you and prepare the best offers for renewal. All our services in taking out your insurance and sending it to you is completely free – you only pay the amount of the insurance itself stated on the policy.

Car insurance is among the most popular.

What are they and what they cover?

Compulsory Civil liability insurance

Compulsory Civil liability insurance covers the liability of the insured persons for the damages they cause to other persons, related to the ownership and use of motor vehicles. Or actually, it is the compensation for damages caused by your vehicle to the injured vehicle. This insurance is mandatory according to the Bulgarian Law.

Insurance "Damages to persons in case of a car accident"

The insurance “Damages to persons in case of a car accident” covers damages on the life and health of the passengers in the vehicle – you and your loved ones.

Autocasco insurance

Autocasco insurance – provides full coverage insurance protection of the car – against traffic accidents, theft, malicious acts, fire, natural disasters or other events leading to damage or total loss of the car. This insurance is among the most popular products assuring the daily care against unwanted events.

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