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Do you need money tomorrow?

Are you looking for the most advantageous loan among many offers?

Are procedures with guarantors and income declaration difficult for you?

We will offer you a solution for the most popular consumer loans. We will present to you the conditions of the various financial institutions – terms, interest rates, amount of the loan. We will explain to you the different forms of collateral – with a guarantor or against a cash pledge. We will find special preferential conditions for you as CreditCenter customers.

Stages in applying for and being approved for a consumer loan

We will discuss the amount you need, your income and whether you have other loans and determine what kind of consumer loan you can count on.

We will provide you with the best offers for consumer loans from the leading banks in Bulgaria

We will assist you in completing and collecting all the necessary documents for the loan

We will track the loan approval process at the bank of your choice and notify you when the loan is approved

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