Why a credit consultant

It’s easy to navigate the process of applying and getting a loan when you have a consultant who really understands your situation. We’ll gather all the information you need to get everything perfect.

We will ask you questions such as:

  • Where do you work and what is your position?
  • What is your income?
  • What is your marital status?

After that, we will study the conditions offered by the different banks and negotiate special ones for you, according to your individual profile, and we will provide you with accurate and clear information.

In this way, when you are ready to make a decision, you can do so, confident that you have received the best conditions for your loan

What can a credit consultant do for you?

Our credit consultants work closely with you to save you time and stress from going around visiting the various bank offices.

During the application process we:

We will сassist you in choosing a bank and a loan that meet your needs

We will save you timeby bringing you the best deals

We will complete all the procedures for applying and granting the loan for you

You will receive a personalized offer, especially contracted for you according to your profile

We will choose a convenient office in a bank of your choosing

We will provide you with a list of the necessary documents for a loan and assistance in completing them

We will assist you with an appraiser, who will prepare the market valuation of the property you have chosen

We will control the review and approval procedure at the selected bank until the end

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