If you want to develop skills in the field of credit consulting and

to earn more

you have great communication skills

you have many contacts

you work in the real estate sector

you have experience as a bank employee

you have free time that you want to channel into something useful

you want to upgrade your qualifications

you want to be on the team of the best

By becoming part of the CreditCenter’s team, you also get:

  • certified professional training in the field of credit consulting
  • the best offers for your customers
  •  best commissions
  • the support of a partner who protects and cares for your interests
  • priority service for your customers in the bank
  • recommended bank employee contacts
  • participation in seminars and team building events
  •  awards based on annual results

Become part of the team

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    Our team

    Over 400 professionally trained credit consultants nationwide

    They are at your disposal in 40 cities in Bulgaria

    Team Manager

    Elena Mihaylova

    Four years in the company, with experience in the banking sector and top results!

    GSM 0896 70 59 70